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Mosaic Picture Frame

Step-by-step on how to make a recycled mosaic picture frame, presented by: Crafty Corner

This is a fun way to use up all your old buttons and beads. Not only will you be creating a special gift, but you will be helping the environment in a small way. For any questions contact: Winnie

mosaic picture frame

What you will need to make a recycled mosaic picture frame

  • Old CD case
  • Jewel glue
  • Small items e.g. buttons, screws, embellishments, beads
  • Scooby-Do wire
  • Photograph (large enough to fit into the CD case)
  • Tile grout (colour of your choice)
  • Syringe
what you will need to make mosaic picture frame

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft, there are three processes that need to happen concurrently.

Step 1

Choose your design, this will fit into the middle of the case. Your picture will be placed on top of the design. The design I have chosen is a heart decorated with pink, purple and red embellishments, making this an ideal Valentine's craft.

Step 2

Take your Scooby-do wire and bend it into the shape of your design. I have bent mine into a heart shape For Valentine's Day. Glue the wire in place using jewel glue.

glue heart to cdglue wire heart to cd

Step 3

Using jewel glue fix your embellishments around the wire shape, taking care to fill all the empty spaces.

glue on decorationsglue embelishment to cd

Step 4

Once the beads etc. have been glued into place you will need to leave your work to dry.

Step 5

Grout, following the instructions in the Mosaic Mirror article.

grout picture framegrout mosic
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