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Mirror Painting

This is a great way for kids (or adults) to decorate a mirror for their bedroom.

Step-by-step on how to do mirror painting, presented by: Crafty Corner

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complete mirror painting

What you will need:

  • Mirror with design
  • Water based glass paint
  • Soft bristled paintbrush
  • Dish with water
  • Scrap paper
what you will need

Purchase as a craft kit, including materials.

Step 1

Decide where you want to start and what colour you would like to start with.

Step 2

Open the colour paint you want to start with, dip your paintbrush in the paint and start painting. Be careful not to use too much, glass and mirror is not porous, so a little paint goes a long way. I have started painting my mirror with yellow. Be sure to use even strokes to get a nice clean finish

paint yellow mirror

Step 3

Keep painting all the blocks you would like with your first colour. For smaller kids, to help them learn to count, tell them to count every third block (or 4th block if you have 4 colours) and paint it yellow.

yellow mirror painted

Step 4

Once you have finished with one colour and want to change colours, dip your paintbrush in water. Tap it on the base of the water dish. Then use your fingers to squeeze out any excess water.

dip brush in water squeeze water brush

Step 5

Paint the scrap paper to get rid of any excess water still on the brush. Now you are ready to move onto the next colour.

paint paper

Step 6

Glass paint dries out quite quickly, so I'm going to close the yellow paint.

close paint jar

Step 7

Start painting with the next colour, in my case, I am using green next.

paint green mirror

Step 8

Keep going until you have finished with the green paint, and then close the paint container and clean your brush again.

mirror nearly complete clean paintbrush

Step 9

Now paint the remaining shapes on your mirror with the red glass paint. When you are done, clean the brush and close the container. Wait for the paint to dry properly, and then you can hang the mirror on your bedroom wall!

complete painted mirror