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Crafty Corner - the fun side of inspired crafts!

We are a creative team, ready to take on any challenge, from custom made corporate gifting to large commissions, craft related teambuilding events, kids craft parties, classes and so much more!

What we offer:
  • Teambuilding events - Crafty Corner offers a range of creative teambuilding experiences: art on canvas, creative mosaics, beading, fabric or glass painting.

  • Corporate gifts - Crafty Corner's team of crafters are masters at creating custom, handmade corporate gifts to suit any budget. All items handmade to your specifications.

  • Designs, patterns and templates - Crafty Corner has high resolution jpgs and vector designs for using as patterns and templates for your crafts.

  • Kids craft activities - Kids love to learn, interact and be creative. We run family fun days, kids craft parties and have really cool kids craft kits!

  • Commissions - Crafty Corner specialises in the creation of once-off, unique, handmade creations: worlds largest chocolate bunny, TV props, set-building and more!

Our latest free step by step crafts for you to try:

Virtical garden drum

upcycle sa, virtical garden drum

Making your own virtical garden from recycled drum, December 2015

Mosaic pot stand

Tree of life mosaic

Making a pot stand with inverted design

Tin can candle holder

tin can candle holder

Recycled tin can candle holder that is very easy to make and a stunning idea for Aids day candles.

Mannequin decoupage lamp

decoupage lamp

Recycled old mannequin doll into a stunning decoupaged lamp.

Upcycled Egg Box Flowers

upcycled egg box flowers

Upcycle your old egg boxes and egg trays and create a beautiful arrangement of flowers that will never droop!

Mosaic Upcycled Basin Birdbath

upcycled mosaic basin birdbath

Add a dash of colour and light to your garden with this beautiful, upcycled mosaic hairdresser's basin birdbath!

Paper Mache Heart

paper mache heart

Papier mache is terrific for all ages, young kids love getting their hands involved, perfect for sensory development! And a great lesson on recycling egg boxes!

Milk Bottle Gift Box

milk bottle gift box

Turn an old plastic milk bottle into a beautifully functional upcycled gift box for a special gift!

Milk Bottle Easter Basket

milk bottle easter basket

Recycle an old milk bottle and create this beautiful Easter basket, a great handmade gift for all ages!

Green Mosaic Cross

green mosaic cross

Making a mosaic cross is a great way to celebrate Christmas or Easter. Follow our step by step to see how it is done!

Mosaic Daisy Mirror

mosaic daisy mirror

Our simple step by step will have you making your own beautiful mosaic daisy mirror in no time, from cutting the petals to grouting!

Coke Bottle Terrarium

coke bottle terrarium

What a great way to start a water wise vegetable or herb garden and a fantastic science experiment for children. Upcycle an old plastic Coke bottle into a self-watering terrarium!

Wooden Birdhouse

recycled wooden birdhouse

A few old planks from an old cupboard make fantastic materials to create this beautiful upcycled birdhouse!

Bottle-top Fridge Magnets

completed recycled bottle top bug fridge magnets

What a colourful way to create beautifully upcycled fridge magnets! In this craft we used recycled bottle tops to make fridge magnet bugs.

Upcycled Milk Bottle Clock

recycled plastic milk bottle heart

This upcycled clock was made using recycled plastic milk bottles - resulting in less junk going in the bin and a beautiful handmade gift that really does make a difference!


Eco gifts On special

Tea light covers
hurricane tea light covers
fluted hurricane tea light
R25.00 each
Available with natrual wood stand

Hurrican glasses for candles
wine bottle hurricane tea light

R45.00 each
Savanna glasses recycled savanna cider bottle drinking glasses
Looking for recycled and upcycle corporate gifts? We have a great selection.